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Never again is what you swore the time before...

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Bored bored bored...I want Halloween now!
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You are the Wanderer, the
lonely, melancholy figure that haunts deserted
roads. Wanderers don't know their purpose in
life. They simply drift from place to place,
looking for something that they are missing,
but never quite finding the peace they seek so
desperately. A Wanderer is a restless spirit,
full of despair and melancholy, but will
nevertheless seek an adventure, just for the
sake of trying to give their hopeless lives

Color: Grey
Gem: Sapphire


Who would you be if you were a character in an epic fantasy? (beautiful pictures)
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contemplative contemplative
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REM- Losing My Religion
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And there was great unrest for the dragon as the villagers were pissed...
Jess, need to talk as soon as possible.
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ok, so...what to post today...Ah, Jess and i were trading stories about crushes. All of ours seem to be in the same age range, plus we both have an unnatural obsession with Leonard Nimoy. Hey can we help it he's hot. Its just the way g-d made him. Though to hear us talk he's g-d's gift. Oh well, this being the critics zone that it is, we say what we want, Don't we Jess? See thats why I love you, you always back me up sweetie!
ok, nap time now cause I gots a party laterz, plus jessie's gonna try and learn me up some history tomorrow night, so I figure I'll sleep when I can, cause that alone could take all night.

Tara you are now officailly Added!

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devious devious
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do the voices in my head count?
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Which internet subculture do I belong to? [CLICK]
You are a Trekkie!
It's a geek, Jim! You probably have a starfleet uniform and a tricorder. Bonus points if you speak klingon. One day you will walk down the aisle with your buttertroll trekkie partner, humming to the Yoyager theme.
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Look out for the


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Thanx for the quizzies Jess!

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Squirrel Crusader
Your Superpower is Psychic
Your Weakness is Reruns of the Cosby Show
Your Weapon is Your Venomous Arrows
Your Mode of Transportation is Catapult

How to make a Vulcan_Wolf

5 parts intelligence

3 parts crazyiness

5 parts instinct
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Top it off with a sprinkle of lovability and enjoy!
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giggly giggly
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Hmmm, time to rant, or vent, not sure which this would be.
I hate what.....nothing right now, 'cept maybe my sister. Life's ok for now, but that always changes. The vulcan Wolf doesn't like being jerked around, and thats what my bosses could be up to right now. I hate work, I wish I could win the lottery and get it over with. I'm not even sure what I really want to do with my life, but I guess that's what college is for. My love life sux, I need a real boyfriend. All that really is going well right now is the fact that I do have two secert crushes, at least secret from the crushes themselves, and I got to see one of them today and am currently riding on my high from that. I doubt I could pick the one I love more out of the two, but right now it could be the one I've just seen. ok that's it for now, time to rest my eyes, they've been bothering me alot lately come to think of it. maybe i need new glasses...
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complacent complacent
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S.P.O.C.K.- Abducted
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I have decided to use this as a place of sounding. In other words, I shall rant my little heart out!
If you have anything to say, by all means say it, this is a safe zone, no critics allowed, unless you have something useful to say. OK, class now so I'm gonna go!
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content content
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I live in a world outside of the normal. I freely admit I am in love with a man very much older than myself. I Love him more than life itself. It feels good to finally get this out.
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